Find a Mentor

Are you 24 years of age or younger?

Do you think you could benefit from having a mentor?

Do you wish you could be exposed to fun and interesting aspects of life while being an out and proud member of our community?

Have you ever felt alone and wish you had someone more experienced to confide in?

Are you a student that’s yearning for professional guidance from someone in your desired career field?


Am I Eligible For A Mentor?
Anyone 24 years of age and under is eligible to apply for the one-on-one mentor program.

What will the Mentor and I Do?
Together, you and your mentor will decide what to do. It can be anything super fun like going to the beach or super productive like going to a networking event together. Additionally, you will work on your Life Plan (short and long term goal setting) and enjoy each other’s company. There is no set routine! You, the mentee, make it what you want it to be!

How Often Do We Have To Meet Up?
You are required to communicate with your Mentor a minimum of once a week and meet in person a minimum of twice a month.

What if I am not out to my parents?

Don’t sweat it, you do not need to be nor should you feel pressured to come out, however, a mentor can have the experience you need to start taking those first steps.

What is the Process to Get a Mentor?

  • Complete the online LifeWorks Mentee Application.
  • Interview with the Mentoring Coordinator. The purpose of this very relaxed meeting, which is located at The Village at Ed Gould Plaza (1125 N. McCadden Place), is to learn more about you and to give you more information about what you will be doing with your Mentor.
  • Once you have meet with the Mentoring Coordinator and approved you are available to be matched. When a Mentor joins our program who we think would be a good match for you we will contact you to set up a meeting. LifeWorks staff is present to introduce you for the first meeting.

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