Become a Mentor

How do I become a Mentor?

Anyone over the age of 28 years old is eligible. Application can be filled out online here:

Do new volunteers get any onboarding?

Yes, we currently facilitate a new mentor orientation that is 4 hours via Zoom. Orientations occur every other month.

Do I need to complete a live scan?

Yes, all interested applicants who are accepted to continue to the orientation must complete a live scan background check.

Where can I complete my live scan?

You can find the nearest live scan office: . Unfortunately, we do not cover the costs.

Do you pick my mentee?

Our program has an existing and growing mentor network of over 150 volunteers, of which mentees get to select one or more individuals to meet for possible mentorship. The mentor network youth review shows a person's academic and career background, as well as interests, hobbies, gender identity, and geographic location.

What do/ can I do with my mentee?

You can do any activity you and your mentee are comfortable doing together. Some activities we have seen folks enjoy together have been movie nights, cafe spots, theme parks, and Center events. We also go into more details regarding this topic during the training.

What if my mentee doesn’t want to work on goals?

Though one of the key focuses of the program is working on goals, we understand that for many youth all they need sometimes is someone to talk to. Guiding the mentee on how to lead the mentorship in how it suits them best is essential.

What Services does the LGBT Center offer?

Education, Physical Health, Mental Health, Testing, Support Groups, Legal Services, Leadership and Advocacy

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