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Frequently asked questions about Mentorship

How do I become a Mentee? Is there a charge?

Anyone under 24 years old is eligible. There is no charge, we are happy to welcome you to the Center. Complete Application online at

Do you give me a mentor or how do I get matched?

You get to choose, we have over 130 mentors for you to choose from, see mentors cultural backgrounds, interest, education and careers.

What will the Mentor and I Do/ How Often do we speak?

You and your mentor will decide what to do, you will be asked to communicate around 3 to 4  hours a month.   

How does this work?

You are in control of your own mentorship, you choose your mentor from  a pool of mentors. You can text, talk on the phone, zoom, be active in the community and even grab lunch. You choose the goals.

What if I don't have any goals?

Relax! A “goal” is simply something which you’d like to do or achieve. Start small. Education, community, Job/Career, Physical Health, Relationships, Personal Development).

Can you help me with GED/School/ College applications?

Yes. We have alternative educational options to help with GED or high school diploma. Mentors can assist with college applications. Each year LA LGBT assists youth with over $30,000 in scholarship for continued education. 

What if I am not out to my family?

Don’t sweat it, you do not need to be nor should you feel pressured to come out, however, a mentor can have the experience you need to start taking those first steps.

What Services does the LGBT Center offer?

Education, Physical Health, Mental Health, Testing, Support Groups, Legal Services, Leadership and Advocacy

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